Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shaun T Focus T25...Yes, I will be doing this pregnant

Tomorrow I am ordering Shaun T's new workout Focus T25 and Vanilla Shakeology to add to my routine.  Clearly this program is not geared toward pregnant moms, but it includes a modifier.  To be honest, I had planned to modify before I found out a modifier was included, but this should make it much easier.  So, if I am committing to do this pregnant, you can commit to doing this in whatever shape you are currently in.  Plus it is short so if you typically like to use time as your excuse, ummm, good luck trying that excuse here.  So what is this program?

T25 is a full 50 day program of cardio, weights and abs.  The best part is that you only work out for 25 minutes 5 days a week!!!  Amazing right?  Check it out here.  Shaun T Focus T25

Vanilla Shakeology is the brand new flavor of Beachbody's complete nutrition shake.  It has pure vanilla, not vanilla flavoring.  No other brand of protein shake on the market can make that claim.  Actually Shakeology is more than a protein shake anyway, so it outperforms in pretty much every way.  Check it out here.  Shakeology  One time only shipments are free shipping until July 7th.  Home Direct (HD) orders are always free shipping. 

Interested in both?  Check out the Challenge Pack.  Shaun T Focus T25 Challenge Pack It is on sale through July 31st.  It saves you a ton of money, comes with the workout program, a 30 day supply of the Shakeology flavor of your choice, a free 30 day club membership and free coaching by ME (remember I said I was committing to do this?)  Need accountability to complete a program or just a buddy when you have questions?  This is why you need to be part of a challenge group.  I want you to be successful and short of doing your workouts for you (impossible) I will always be here to remind you to get your workout done. 

I am starting a challenge group on July 15.  In order to serve you best, I am limiting it to 5 people.  You must order from one of the links above.  Then email me at to let me know you are in.  I can't wait to do this with you. 

Keeping Fit: June 2013

Attempting to keep a daily log of my workouts/activity in general.  Although I am currently pregnant, none of the workouts are geared to pregnant moms.  They can be done by anyone at any fitness level.  Pick appropriate size weights and challenge yourself.