Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finding Time to Relax

We all work hard, workout harder, and take care of families, but have you taken care of yourself lately?
Seriously, I have not.  Sure I shower here and there and run a razor across my legs when my toddler isn't taking over my shower, but really take care of myself and relax?  Not really.
I had seen this recipe on Pinterest not too long ago for a leg exfoliator that you make in your kitchen.  Since I am pregnant my husband has banned me from all the cool places like nail salons and hair color salons.  GRRRRRR!  The feet are worn from all the Fitbit walking I do and the legs are just tired from carrying around a growing belly.  So, what's a girl to do? 
I have to do it myself, sans the pretty polish at the end.  Here is the recipe I used for Leg Exfoliator. 
My review:  I started last night with a bath.  One long enough to actually scrub and shave my legs.   Oh my!  It worked pretty good on my legs and feet, but it clogs the razor with the oil.  I kept having to rinse out the razor in the hottest water I could get.  But, this morning my legs are pretty smooth and softer than normal.  The instructions say to do it twice, but twice seemed like overkill.  Once is enough if you don't have the added time.  Make sure to rinse off with your soap of choice before getting out of the tub.  I was using G's tub so baby shampoo it was! I am storing the rest of the mixture in my fridge and cleaned out the tub immediately.  Ants in the tub would not be relaxing.  I also am keeping a plastic spoon in the jar because it will need to be stirred up before each use.  (You can shake it too, but my lid does not seem to be fitting right)

After I got out I tried out some foot cream I found at Walmart. Works pretty good. 
What do you do to relax? 

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