Friday, July 12, 2013

Fitbit One Review

I have been using a Fitbit One for a little over a month now.  I love it.  It motivates me to keep moving as much as possible.  I look at it constantly throughout the day to ensure I am on track to at least get my 10,000 steps in each day. 
I have also used it to challenge myself for steps, mileage and floors.  So far my best days were 20,000 steps, 8.8 miles and 75 floors (not all on the same day).  I still need to get that 10 mile badge. It is a goal for this month. 
Oh, did I mention that I am pregnant?   I am 16 weeks along.  If you have never worked out, but are encouraged by the research that says walking is great for pregnant women, this is a great tool to ensure that you are really getting the most benefit from your walking program.  Walking is low intensity and you can do it anywhere.  No equipment necessary.  The last month of my pregnancy has been symptom free.  So much so that I told my midwife I was concerned I was no longer pregnant, but the baby is still busy growing in there.  I think staying active helps.
I still do other forms of exercise, but this just gives me the edge to stay active all day. 
It also tracks your sleep by wearing it on a wrist strap.  You start the timer and then it tracks how long it took you to get to sleep, how many times you woke during the night, and overall how long you slept.  Interesting information, but I don't wear mine to bed that often.  Being pregnant I already know I sleep horribly and get up often.
The Fitbit comes with free access to their website that logs all the information from your fitbit.  It syncs to a tiny USB device you keep plugged into your computer.  You can view your stats by date or over a period of time. 
The battery life is great.  I only charge it once a week.  It charges using a very tiny USB cord.  Keep it plugged in so you don't lose it.  It is a very tiny cord, maybe 6 inches max.
Overall this is a great tool for maintaining activity and even challenging yourself to do more. 
If you have one or get one, let's be friends My profile is here

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