Saturday, July 20, 2013

Focus T25 BETA Review


Since I am pregnant and therefore not following the program to lose weight, I thought I would skip ahead and review the 2nd phase of the program.  I did them all this week.  I was between 16 & 17 weeks pregnant.

I love the workouts in this phase for both pregnancy and beyond.  Tania continues to modify although sometimes the camera doesn't quite get to her fast enough. 

My favorite 2 videos of the entire program are Rip't Circuit and Upper Focus.  They fit my personal goals exactly and they were modifiable to my pregnancy.  There are some abs in the Rip't Circuit that I could not do since they were on the back.  I just did high knees instead during those exercises.  Both of those videos used your choice of bands or dumbells.  I used dumbells, but I know bands are suggested for pregnant women due to the potential to accidently hit your stomach with a dumbell.  So whatever you choose please be careful.

Core Cardio brought back a few Insanity moves, however they were called something different.  Overall, a fun and quick workout.  Low intensity options in this one also. 

I am going to work off my own hybrid.  It is advised that you do Alpha before Beta and I definitely suggest that.  For me I want to go ahead and incorporate upper body into Alpha which focuses on lower body so Upper Focus will be added. 

Here is a sample of my schedule, but will change it up each week since that is how this program is set up.  I am doubling up on 2 days to fit my needs.  It is not necessary for the program however.  My pregnancy research has shown that squats are really good for a natural birth so I want to make sure I get lower body in as much as possible but still work on my upper body.

Monday:  Alpha Cardio
Tuesday:  Beta Upper Focus and Alpha Lower Focus
Wednesday:  Alpha Speed 1.0
Thursday:  Beta Rip't Circuit and Beta Upper Focus
Friday:  Alpha Cardio
Saturday:  Alpha Total Body Circuit
Sunday:  Rest

I will review the Gamma phase next month and do a 1 month review of my progress using my schedule above.  This is my favorite program and I have used many Beachbody programs in the past.

So, are you ready to do this program with me (pregnant or not)?  Order it here now.   

What program are you currently using?  Is it helping you meet your goals?


  1. Thanks for this! I just found out this weekend that I'm pregnant with my third so I was worried I'd have to stop the program. I am fairly fit, so I think I can modify and amp up the intensity when I need to, because like you said, Tania goes a bit slowly sometimes. I'm currently at week 4 Alpha round so I'm excited to get into Beta when the time comes!

    1. Congrats!!! Definitely keep on a workout schedule if you are feeling good and healthy and this program really is great for adapting to your own personal fitness and pregnancy needs. This pregnancy is so different from my first and I'm pretty sure it is due to the consistent exercise.