Sunday, July 7, 2013

Focus T25 Day 2 Review: Speed 1.0

Day 2:  Speed 1.0
15 w, 3 days prego

Woke up and realized the baby was still asleep so I put a sports bra on and some shoes and got this workout in.  Sidenote for the pregnant or nursing mommas; wear a good sports bra.  Mine yesterday was not supportive enough.  I remember needing to double up when I was nursing because I never did find one that was supportive enough.  This pregnancy they seem to be growing faster than I remember from baby G.   

The 1st 15 minutes are 30-60 seconds of a move with a stretch in between each new move.  Then the last 10 minutes are all the moves one right after another. 

The very first move looks simple but I never did get it down in that 60 seconds, but I'm sure eventually I will figure it out.  Might practice it some today.  Overall the moves in this video are fun.  They involve all body parts and he uses some jabs and crosses in this one.  I did have a hard time following Tanya this time.  She seemed to be too low intensity for me, so again today I did somewhere between her pace and the rest of the crew. 

Did you know there was a modification for a burpee?  I had no idea and it is awesome.  Perhaps a video on that later.  It really was that cool! 

So, are you ready to do this program with me (pregnant or not)? Order it here now.

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