Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Focus T25 day 4: Ab Intervals Review

Focus T25 day 4:  Ab Intervals
15 weeks, 5 days pregnant

Great workout for the non pregnant women and post partum women that have checked with their doctors to make sure they are clear to workout and do not have diastasis recti.  I think a lot of women still do not know to get checked for that, but now you do.  Check out my friend, Heather, on Facebook.  She promotes getting checked all the time and she had it herself.  I did not have it with my son, and hoping I get as lucky this time.

OK, PSA over.  Review starts now.  Lots of good ab exercises.  Basically every move has 3 parts:  a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced version.  No matter what fitness level you are starting at, you can do this workout.  For a lot of the moves, I stuck to the beginner method and there were a few that I could not do at all safely being pregnant.  Tania does not modify as much in this video, but I think that is the nature of ab exercises so stick to the beginner if necessary.

The format of the workout is an ab workout with a cardio break before moving to the next ab workout.  Like the other workouts, the cool down is a separate portion at the end so it is not included in the 25 minutes. 

For me being pregnant, I may sub this workout out with the cardio instead.  I'm not convinced it is worth working my abs to this extent while pregnant.

So, are you ready to do this program with me (pregnant or not)? Order it here now.

I would love to hear your opinions and research you have done though.  Please share in the comments.


  1. I am thinking of doing this workout and I am around 10 weeks pregnant but not very active. I see my Doctor on Tuesday and will make a final decision then. I am currently overweight as it is and have PCOS so I am at risk for gestational diabetes. I would like to keep healthy for the baby and myself. You doing this while pregnant is inspiring.

  2. Glad this information was helpful. I would be curious to hear what your doctor says. My midwife was a little shocked until I told her about the low intensity modifications and then she was fine with it. Skip the 2 ab videos and a few of the moves done on your back and it should work fine for you. If you decide to do it let me know so we can keep each other accountable :)