Saturday, July 6, 2013

My ShaunT FocusT25 arrived early!!!!!

Late last night when I was tracking my package, the crazy FedEx website was still showing it was on a truck coming from Ohio and would not arrive to my doorstep until Monday .  So, of course as I am looking out my kitchen window baking some cinnamon blueberry muffins for my son (he loves them...silly kid) I see the mail man pull up.  He wasn't in and out as usual, he seemed to be digging through his truck.  Is it finally here?  I thought.  Yes!!! I see the word CHALLENGE written on the side of this blue box.  It is here.  I race to the front door and open it before as he is laying it down.  Startled the poor guy so I just played it off like the baby was sleeping and I was trying to beat the door bell.  Shhhh, it was partially the truth. 

So, today became known as DAY 1. 

I quickly checked out the calendar and saw that Cardio was up 1st.  Stuck it in the DVD player and got to work.  I somehow missed the warm up that a friend told me was on this video.  I will look for it next time.  There is a counter at the bottom, but it is not just any counter.... it is a GIANT counter that only begins with 25 minutes.  Thank goodness.  Did I mention the baby was asleep? 

Let me start off by reminding you that I am 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant, but that did not matter because Tanya is on this video.  She just had a baby not too long ago and is the modifier in this program.  Her modifications were low intensity so perfect for someone new to working out or a pregnant woman that needs to keep her heart rate from spiking too high. 

I found that the overall cardio moves are simpler than the ones in Insanity, but the fact that you never stop for the 25 minutes is what makes it so intense.  All body parts are working from the top down to your calves.  Many workouts leave out the calves, this one did not.  There are basically several drills during the 25 minutes and each one builds so you start a drill off in a basic motion, then intensify that same motion a couple different ways until you are doing the move at maximum. 

Overall I loved day 1.  I did somewhere in between Tanya's moves and the rest of the crew's moves, but I have been working out for most of my life so I just modified to a middle ground.  As I continue to grow this baby belly though, I will definitely have to follow Tanya more for the simple fact that she does not go as low on some of the moves.  The crew may touch the floor, she may only go as far as her knee or shin.  That is what makes this program great.  It will continue to adapt to me while I am pregnant and then I can adapt to it once I am not. 

Day 1 gets an A+

A sweat/bump shot
Want to check it out?  Click here.  Shaun T FocusT25

*If you are pregnant, please consult your OB, your doctor, or your midwife prior to starting this or any other workout program.  Your pregnancy may require unique modifications. 

*I am a BB Coach, however, my views are sincere.  Fitness has been part of my life forever and I have tried many workouts and programs.  If you want to read an unbiased review of the program, check out my friend's blog Focus T25 An Honest Account

So, are you ready to do this program with me (pregnant or not)? Order it here now.

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