Friday, August 16, 2013

A 2013 Summer Memory


I love this topic, but how do you pick just one? The one that immediately came to mind and is an example of us staying active was a morning trip I took with my young toddler to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. It is one of my favorite places around DFW. I wish I lived just a tiny little bit closer and could spend more weekends just walking or even running through the gardens. It turns out my son loved it too so regardless we will go back in the fall once it cools down some.

I brought his car stroller, but he wanted out to explore which was fine with me. He ran around with me for more than an hour, giggling and touching everything he could reach. I let him lead us, which sometimes meant exploring the same 10 foot section of trail several times before he got the notion to continue on to a new path. The Native Texas Boardwalk has little learning areas along the path so he  
would play with those. Mostly he just ran and enjoyed the sun and nature.
When we got to the fountains is when his eyes lit up. My little water baby was in heaven. Touching the water in every fountain and pond was a must. There might have been some tasting of the water too, but I would rather not remember that part. I swear taste is his favorite of the 5 senses.


The 30 minute car ride home was the perfect setting to begin his 3 hour nap. Running and exploring nature is a great sleep aid. We should all spend more time outside, just enjoying the trees, flowers and sun!

What are your favorite outdoor spots for kids around your town?

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