Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can Social Media Help you Lose Weight?


Almost everyone is on at least one social media platform these days from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Did you know there are tons of groups and pages dedicated to weightloss, muscle building, and health in general on Facebook alone? Some are geared toward the masses and others are specifically geared toward unique groups of people. I am in tons of these groups and even have my own, but do they help? From my experience there are definitely groups out there that will motivate you to success. What to look for when finding a group:

*Proper nutrition should be stressed
*Consistent workouts should be expected
*Support from members and the group leader should be apparent. The members should not only be working on their own fitness and health but encouraging other members to find the time and tools to be successful.
*Everyone should be encouraged to share the successes and failures for the day or week
*goal setting
*Articles and helpful information should be shared to assist members find a system that will work for them.
*Support tools such as meal options and ability to ask questions and get answers.

When these groups meet this criteria, the success rate improves. Why? We need to be around encouraging people that are on the same journey as us and we need to be heard. We need someone to listen to us and encourage us to find the answer rather than giving up. The people in our daily life (friends, family, and coworkers) while they are likely to cheer us on, they typically do not mirror our desire and whether they mean to or not lead us towards temptation which is hard to overcome no matter how much your goal is forefront in your mind. You need a group of people who expect you to be successful just as much as they expect success out of themselves.

Are you looking for a group of people who will not stop at status quo, who desperately want to find the system that will finally lead them to the health and body they have only previously dreamed about? Can you agree to the terms above? A person who is not mentally ready cannot be coerced into leading this lifestyle. If you are saying that today you make the pledge that your health is important lets talk. You are the person I want in my next Challenge Group. I will expect success from you. Email me at
Rachelkingfitness@yahoo.comso we can get you started today. 

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