Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Midwife appointment

I am 19 w, 5 d pregnant.  I see a midwife group, so every time I go I see a different midwife.  The purpose is so you get to meet them all since you cannot guarantee which one will be on staff at the hospital the day you give birth.  So this time I saw Tania for the first time this pregnancy.  At my very first appointment with Amy I told her I was doing a boot camp class and she said if I had the energy to do that during the 1st trimester it was fine to continue.  So, when that was over Focus T25 came out.  It has a modifier so I went ahead and got it.  It has been perfect for me.  I can do somewhere between the low intensity modifier and the normal program, but can transition to just the modifications as I get farther along. 

As I am climbing on the table so she can listen to he heartbeat Tania gets a look at my legs and says wow, look at your legs, what are you doing?  I tell her T25 and she seems nervous or even slightly horrified until I tell her I am keeping it low intensity.  It made my day that someone (other than my husband) commented on my legs!   So clearly working out pregnant is working for me.  Think I will just keep at it. 

I also just completed a 7 day arm challenge posted on the Get Your Sexy Back FB page.  So lots of working out going on in my house.  

Did you work out during your pregnancies?  What were the advantages and bonuses for you?

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