Monday, September 30, 2013

The role of accountability in weight loss

You have heard this before right?  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ---Jim Rohn

When you align yourself with others who either have what you want or are working on the same goal as you, you are more likely to head in that same positive direction.  The same goes true for "hanging out" with the wrong crowd.  To reach a goal, inspiration and motivation can mean the difference between success and failure.  Also, just voicing your intentions to those positive influences can give you some accountability.  Ultimately you don't want to let yourself down and that is what is most important, but have you ever let a goal slip by because no one knew about it anyway and so you weren't letting anyone down, except for yourself?

In weight loss, I have heard both sides:  tell everyone and tell no one.  Either can work, but it takes a very self motivated person to stick to a hard core nutrition and exercise plan.  We are human, we slip.  What you do after that 1st slip can determine if you meet your goal sooner rather than later.  Having someone to talk to and knows what you are going through can help you get back in control so much faster.

Just think about all those programs out there that work:  Weight Watchers and Team Beachbody are 2 I can think of that focus on comraderie and accountability through either meetings or Challenge groups.  They have both proven to work and have many success stories. 

See some of the Beachbody success stories in the video below. 

If you are interested in getting healthy this fall, I have opened a Closed FB group for anyone that wants accountability and wants to find motivation and inspiration from others fighting the same battle.  Request to join FB group: Fall For Healthy Foods Again  All positive people are welcome. 


  1. I had never heard that quote before, but it really rings true for me. Also makes me think about, for people who spend time with me, am I doing my best to be supportive of them? Thanks for the food for thought (no pun intended!)

  2. Yes, that i a great take away. Friends and family can make a break a person starting any new venture, weightloss, a new career, etc.