Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bed sharing

It's is well past midnight.

My baby is asleep on my right.  Husband on my left.  Toddler on a pallet on the floor. 

We are vacationing at my parents house, however this is a normal sleeping situation for us except my toddler usually sleeps in his own room. 
I am wide awake!

Looking at my angel sleeping next to me got me to thinking about the whole bed sharing/cosleeping debate.  OK maybe in my awakedness Facebook also had something to do with my sudden thoughts on this debate.  Could I possibly be connected to too many mom groups?  Ummm, yes.  The answer is yes, but some are like big scary accidents.  You just cannot take your eyes off.

Let me start by saying I did my research and I also have already done this with my first child.  I have some experience, however, you as the parent of your own child should do your own research. 
I am not going to spout out research, facts, figures or whatever but thought I would share my probably super selfish reason I bed share. Truth is I never wanted to even room with my babies.  I wanted them in their cribs from the start, but...

I miss them.

Yep, I said I miss them.  Simple as that. 

Ok so I do it for all the reasons the new age/crunchy moms give including being a nursing mom, but honestly they are cute and cuddly and so sweet and innocent at this age I can't help but want to keep them close.

I work full time. 

I have them in daycare. 

Kids grow incredibly fast. 

Newborns even faster. 

My baby has been sitting on his own all week.  He doesn't turn 5 months for another week and a half.  How are we already to the sitting phase?  Someone please tell me.  This is too fast!!!!

I simply am not ready to never have these firsts again, but this baby is my last. 

They grow and develop faster than I can catch with my eyes.  I know when they are sleeping I am not missing something grand but having them near makes me feel more connected to them. 
I love waking up, my hand already on the baby fully aware he is breathing, knowing if he is hot, cold or perfect. 

I like seeing that first morning smile.  I would hate to have that smile wasted on 4 walls that can never appreciate it.

So maybe I started doing it based on my research but I continue it because I don't want to miss any more seconds of their lives.  Working full time is my reality.  One I am comfortable with.  If you dream something different than me, then great.  I hope if that dream is not your current reality that you are on your way to making it so.  Too each his own.  Please remember this concept before hitting comment here or anywhere else.

But I think my purpose for sharing this is to say lighten up moms.  There are a million and one ways to parent children.  Everyone will tell you their way is the right way but honestly you are the parent now.  First choose no harm and go from there.  Don't get stuck on doing everything a certain way for fear of the mommy police.  You will be judged no matter what, but you have the power to have that judgment end with you.

What is one thing you do as a parent that you never thought you would do?

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