Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's day 2015

In honor of mother's day and the whole social media era here's how our family runs.  Right or wrong we learn as we go.  No one loves my babies more than me and hopefully they will always know that despite our little quirks.

Bedtime: Our kids do not have an official bedtime and they don't sleep in their own beds. I sleep with my 16 month old in a Corvette bed and my 3 year old sleeps with my husband in our king size bed.  We have no routine and I have never read them a bedtime story.  True story...haha.

Breastfeeding babies:  My 16 month old still nurses to sleep and wakes to nurse a few times a night.  I am desperate for this to end, but I don't want to rush it either.  I made my 3 year old quit breast feeding cold turkey at 14.5 months.  My husband and I had a trip to Panama.  I tried a million times before, but it just wasn't working so the night before our trip I nursed him for the last time.  I came back and pretended like that part of our life never existed.  He survived.

Food Rules: We buy Organic whole milk, organic whole milk yogurt, no juice and nothing in pouches (those gross me out).  Pretty much everything else is fair game. I'm not sure what my obsession with organic dairy is, but I don't mind paying for it so why not.  I buy whole rather than 2% or lower because although my kids were over 9 pounds at birth they are on the smaller side now and can get away with it plus it is less processed.  The kids probably have yogurt and cereal for dinner twice a week or more. By the time we get home they are starving and are begging.  No point in cooking after they have "snacked".  Other than that we eat fast food I maybe only cook twice a month. Chickfila and Chipotle are weekly meals.  If my grandpa is in town then I cook every night he is here.  No real good reason for that.  It just makes sense in my head and it has become the joke in this house.

Pictures  I take tons of pictures and we meet with a photographer for birthday sessions and mini sessions throughout the year.  I plan for weeks new photos I can take of each holiday and season.  I spend far too much time in search of outfits for pictures...far too much time I tell you!

Birthday parties:  No birthday parties until they are 5...well, maybe 4.  I guess we'll see.  I don't get the point before they have friends and parties stress me out.  I get major anxiety when we are invited to birthday's of the kids at daycare.  I work so family time is precious, but I don't want to be rude and decline either.  But seriously, your 1 year old will not know if my 1 year old was there.  We do attend family parties when we are invited :)

Daycare  I actually enjoy my job and it has allowed us to get to debt free despite having to pay for daycare.  My kids have learned tons in the center they are in.  More than I feel they would have learned from me.  This is also where they get structure since we are much more on the go at home.

Raising Kids  I am 100% convinced most days that I have screwed them up royally.  I have anxiety that they will grow up to be terrible members of society or worse (what is worse, not sure).  I worry they won't have friends or they will do terrible in school or they will make bad choices or my biggest fear they will be bullies.  I worry most that I have or will fail them in ways unforgiveable.

Marriage  Having kids for the most part has been good for us oddly.  We generally see eye to eye on how we parent.  I hear some people have weekly date nights.  I wish we did, but who wants to get a babysitter so once or twice a year when we go to my parents we go out to lunch or to Target all alone.  We haven't been to a movie in years and have maybe caught about 3 movies on the couch together since we had kid #1 over 3 years ago.

Me time Hahahahaha!  Ok, occasionally it does happen.  Summer hours at work are only 1 more Friday away.  I need to make a list of things to do.  What does one do alone?

Fitness  The short version is I prefer not to have my kids around when I want to follow a workout.  If I just want to randomly do exercises then fine they can ram their Tonka trucks into me or sit on my lap as I try to do a timed wall sit. I am park mom.  I love sunny warm days and will gladly load up the car with the wagon, snacks, drinks, etc and head to the park to play on the playground and explore the trails.  I can't wait for them to truly do some hiking with me. 

Our House Overall it is generally scattered from wall to wall with toys and nothing gets dusted or swept as often as necessary but we are busy having fun.  My husband and I don't divide up tasks evenly, we just get done what needs to get done.

Technology  My 3.5 year old has been using a tablet for the last 1.5 years.  He is pretty darn good at it too.  We don't put a lot of limits on it but mostly I encourage him to play and just use it for quiet time.

That pretty much sums it up.

So, what are some things unique to your family?