Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dark Chocolate Coffee Frap

I LOVE a good blended coffee beverage.  My husband, however, cringes when he gets the bill.  Oops!

So, out of necessity I came up with this.  It is creamy and dark chocolaty and smooth and only 4 ingredients.

Let's get to it.  If you are looking up coffee recipes, you probably are in search of a quick pick me up and not some long drawn out story of my life views on coffee ;)  Right? 

Dark Chocolate Coffee Frap

1 cup milk of choice (I have used Cashew Milk and whole milk.  Both were equally delicious.)
1 packet Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa Dark Chocolate flavor
1-2 tsps instant coffee (I use 2!)

Add the 1st 3 ingredients into a magic bullet cup or blender.  Blend until the powders are combined well with the milk.  Add ice and blend again until no ice chunks are left.  I hate ice chunks!  My Magic Bullet usually takes 2 or 3 one minute cycles for perfection.  Add a straw and drink straight from the magic bullet cup, put in your favorite to go mug, or add to a nice dinner glass for one of those bliss filled kid free moments.   haha

Another version I make is to blend up the 1st 3 ingredients and pour over ice.  Equally as good. 

Of course you can always dress up the top of either version with some whipped cream, but please stick to homemade or a version from the can.  No tub cream please. 

So, are you a dark chocolate or milk chocolate person? 

Dark only here.  Milk chocolate makes me nauseous.  Weird, but true.

*for what it is worth, no one pays me for my opinion or for endorsing their awesome products.  Swiss Miss just happens to be my favorite hot chocolate and I found a cool way to make it cold so I could continue drinking it during the HOT TX summer.  So, there you go.

Me and my kiddos having coffee time.  That is water in their coffee mugs ;)
Just shared because he is cute.