Monday, September 19, 2016


Resolving not to wait on another new year. 

Typically we make resolutions and goals on January 1 and typically these revolve around fitness, weight loss and health

But today, right this very minute is different.  NO MORE DIET GOALS!!!! and no waiting for a new year, for a Monday, for some obscure date in the future.  I resolve to start be more and do more NOW! 

Starting today...

1. Read a new book every month 📘
2. Take the kids on a hike
3. Take a hot yoga class
4.  Say what I mean and mean what I say
5.  Surprise my husband 🎊
6.  Watch the planes come and go at the local airport with the littles
7.  Dress up
8.  Show up
9.  Bake with real ingredients....real sugar, real milk, real butter, no "healthy/trendy" substitutions
10.  Encourage another mom to love herself as she is...perfectly imperfect
11.  Learn to use my camera for real 📸
12.  Compliment strangers
13.  Paddleboard
14.  Be brave
15.  Dream 💭
16.  Be my husband's true love 💑
17.  Listen to a live band outside
18.  Feel all the feels
19.  Lift heavy things just because I can 🏋
20.  Explore somewhere new locally
21.  Photograph beautiful things
22.  Dance
23.  Read the Bible out loud to the kids
24.  Pray
25.  Go camping in a tent 🏕
26.  3 words:  60 second hugs
27.  Learn to make a perfect cup of coffee and not depend on my Gold status quite so often #Starbucks
28.  See a waterfall
29.  Watch a sunrise and a sunset
30.  Take a walk
31.  Create something
32.  Play with the kiddos
33.  Be grateful for a crazy past that got me here today in this equally crazy present

So, live, love, experience.  Your turn!